Eric Grossman went over creating MS Word forms briefly today.

These are forms with fields that can be filled in without changing the formatting of the page.

Various sets of instructions for this can be found by Googling (MS Word 2007 forms).

The key steps are :

Use the Office button and the "Word Options" tab (lower right of small window that opens under the Office button) to check the box for "Show Developer Tab" in the ribbon.


Then click on the icon for Legacy Forms and insert the text input field using the approriate icon.


There are other ways to do this (e.g. active X controls.. and they may be better, but this is adequate for a start).

It may also be necessary to "lock" the form so that users will be able to input into the input box/fields but not change the text in the rest of the forms.

Eric Grossman suggests starting off with a table to keep the form organized. It is possible to remove the borders of the table once the form is designed.

Harry 10/27/09