Why Bother With Power Point ?

Because it's useful, easy to learn, and widely available !

Ceiling mounted digital projectors and desktop computers are already installed in 21 rooms on the Emory & Henry campus. Over the next three years projectors and computers will be installed in another 25 rooms.   These projectors can be used to show VHS tapes, DVD's and anything on the desktop computer screens.   Instructors from K through higher-education are making increasing use of this technology each year and are finding that, when used appropriately, it is worthwhile.

If you want to project what's on the screen you can either show content developed by others, such as web sites and commercial CDs, or you can project documents you have created.   MS Word can do a fairly good job creating display pages for simple text outlines and limited graphics, but it was not designed to be a tool for creating digital presentations and most instructors prefer to use Power Point.

MS Power Point is specifically designed to support the creation and later display of digital presentation. It is easy to learn and use and is by far the most widely used presentation program in the world. Users familiar with MS Word can learn to create presentable Power Point slides in fifteen minutes.  In an hour of training you will be in a position to continue learning about Power Point on your own.

There are a number of good free tutorials on the Web.  Emory & Henry has contracted for a limited number of licenses for an excellent on-line course through the Appalachian College Association.  Contact me if you are interested in this. I would recommend attending a one hour introductory workshop before taking one of those courses if you have never used Power Point before.

                                                                  Harry Baya