Useful Free Programs & Downloads                                useful_progs.html

Audacity - record sound, edit sound files [ note additional steps needed to permit working with mp3 files ]

Gimp - like Photoshop

Jing - make short videos from screen activity - to make blogs, free - create wikis, free, not obvious how to use.. but instructions might fix that       free video editing software, low end, probably realted to pinacle


Spyware - links from E & H home page ( For Faculty Staff/ Computer Services / Downloads )

       MalawareBytes Spyware remover (

Pinacle - edit video

DVD Shrink - free..
     See youtube video on how to download...

     Will backup DVD to a folder... I still don't know how to make another DVD from those files. May have to use Nero for that. I will ask Marcos. The notes with DVD Shrink say that it can be done with any DVD burning SW. We shall see if I can get Roxio to do it.