Synchroneyes lab set up: (1/20/2009)

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Basic Outline:


Get the fixed ip address from the instructor computer.

Log in as adminsitrator on each student comptuer. Run the synchroneys config program. If you dont see it with "all programs" you may have to go into the synchroneyes folder under programs (c:\programs) and run it from there.

Change the ip address in the settings to be the one used by the instructor computer.

Fixed IP Address

The instructor machine must have a FIXED IP. (this can get changed... as in Miller 111 in Jan 2009.. we don't know how)

To find the IP address, go to the DOS prompt and type : ipconfig

To find out if the IP address is fixed or dynamic (dhcp) use the control panel to look at "Network connections". Then right-click on the icon for "local IP Address" and click on properties.

Then click on the "General" tab and double click on line labeld "Internet Protocol TCP/IP"



This will bring up a screen showing how the IP is set. On my computer that was:


The above indicates that the IP was dynamically set.

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NOTE: Gary Akers and I then found that the machines were unable to Ping each other. We found that this could be fixed by turning off the Windows Firewall. This also allowed Synchroneyes to work. However, in using the student config program on a machine where the Firewall was not time it asked me if I wanted to over-ride the firewall. I would not count on this.