Synchroneyes 5.1 - McGowan Settings

Synchroneyes :[ Note - 8/30/2011 - Careful... we do not have a license for the latest version of "smartsynch" - which is Synchroneyes. We own the license to Smartsynch 2009 - [ SS-AADSA-CAIAI-PTVGH-26BII ].To download the appropriate version go to [ scroll down to "SMART Sync classroom management software" and click on "choose a version" - choose 2009 for Windows", scroll down and click on downloads/ and then on Download for Teacher, or Download for student and follow through ]

Harry Baya, July 15, 2008 (update Jan 21, 2009)

Notes on setup of synchroneyes in labs ( includes notes on dynamic vs. fixed IP address)

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  3. McGownan Settings :     [ this page ]


Miller 211 - Jan 29 - new "FIXED" ip for instructor machine : (also had to disable the Windows Firewall)

The following PREFERNCE settings allow the Synchroneyes software to work correctly in McGowan in my tests. These settings can only be changed while logged in as Administrator on the teacher machine. These are found Preferences fot the Synchroneyes Teacher Application, version 5.1, while logged in an administrator on the teacher computer.

My testing found that checking the "enable for Screen Broadcast" usually blocked broadcasting.

When the "Multicaset Setting" was set to "1" I found that student computers that were viewable by the Teach Synchroneyes would become unavailable without any pattern or warning. Thumbprint screens of these student computer would be visible on the Teacher Synchroneyes, and then later in the session be "X"ed out as shown below.

In testing today with the settings as shown above, 18 of the machines were visible on the teacher version of Synchroneyes. The teacher application was able to "broadcast" a screen to appear on every one of the 18 workstations within one or two seconds.