Course Evaluation Reports "Institutional Units" (e.g. Departments, Divisions, sub-departments)
[updated Saturday, April 19, 2014]

Faculty and staff who oversee a group of courses, such as a department, have access to reports related to all courses in that group. The Campus Labs system refers to these as "Institutional Units."  They also have access to summary reports on individual instructors who teach in their area.

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After you have logged in you will need to click choices to see various reports.

                        fac rep

The structure used for this survey has 4 levels in the hierarchy:

  1. Entire College (all courses)
  2. Divisions
  3. Departments (e.g. Foreign Language Department)
  4. Sub-department (e.g. Spanish )

Individuals may be given access to any particular area. For example, the department chair for the "Foreign Languages Department" is given access to reports related to that department. These individuals have access to reports showing averages combining the quantitative results of all the courses in their area.  They also have access to quantitative and qualitative reports for each individual instructor who teaches in their area.

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Here are some guidelines for finding different reports. These screen captures show useful places to click for additonal reports. They do not explain the contents of the reports.


iu rep 1


After clicking the number indicated above, you will see a report like this:

iu rep3 - 2b


After clicking the instructor's name , you will see a report like this

iu rep 4



End of Institutional Unit report documentation as of Jan 2, 2014