How are the surveys used ?

Instructors are given the results of the survey associated with their course.  They can use this as they see fit. They will have no way of knowing who gave any particular answer.    

The survey administrator, Harry Baya, can, if he chooses, see who said what.   However, he has an agreement with Dean Dobkins that this information will not be made available to anyone.    The associated names will be removed from the data at the earliest opportunity, as soon as the data is collected.

The college administration also uses these results as part of their evaluation of instructors.

These surveys are intended to provide information that will increase the quality of instruction at Emory & Henry and the level of satisfaction of the students.  We are a small school and are in competition with many other institutions. To survive and thrive we need to do everything we can to make this the best possible experience for students, and to prepare our graduates to do well in their future careers and personal lives. These surveys are intended to assist in these goals.

Please read each question carefully and double check your answers. It's all to easy to check "Strongly Disagree" when you meant to check "Strongly Agree".

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