Instructions for Course Evaluation Surveys

Students are asked to complete a survey for each course they take Emory & Henry. If you would like to know why this is done, how the results will be used, and the level of anonymity, click here.  . Instructions for taking the survey are below.  If you have any problem with this you may want to ask a friend to show you the process.

If you have any questions about, or problems with, this process, send e-mail to "".

How to take a survey:

To take your surveys, log in to your Moodle account and find the courses with titles that begin with "Survey:",           e.g.         Survey: Foundations of Writing (ENGL-100-3)
                  You may need to scroll down on your Moodle home page to see these courses.

Click on the course title to enter the course. You will then see one item labled "Course Assessment Survey". Click on this and follow through to take and submit the survey.

The surveys are identical for each course. It's up to you to be sure hold the course being surveyed in mind while you answer the questions.

Please complete all of your course surveys. As soon as you finish one, you can return to your Moodle homepage and take the next one.

How to log into Moodle.

For instructions on how to log into Moodle, click on this web address :