Smartboard Information (9/2008)

Install code 2008 : NB-AEDSU-BZAX7-K4P3T-SQCAB

Class # 1 - 2006

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NOTE: Jan 30, 2013

The Smartboard in MS 332 was not working properly, details below. The fix was to run msconfig and turn back on the Smartboard items. Scott Kitts explained that they had been disabled to make the podium machine boot faster. Once this was done a reboot brought up a fully functional Smartboard.

Prior to this fix :

the light on the lower right corner was blinking green. After the fix it is a steady green

Though the Notebook software worked correctly, including using the camera to capture part of any screen, users could not annotate a screen outside ot Notebook.

There was no Smartboard icon in the icon tray on the lower right of the Windows screen. Now there is.

The Floating tools panel consisted of one pencil, which seemed to do nothing. After the fix, the full floating tools panel appeared on the left. Clicking on one of the pens then allowed using a pen to annotate a screen.

Prior to the fix picking up a pen did NOT cause a light to come on in the place where the pen was kept, and even in Notebook users had to pick the pen color on a menu regardless of which pen was used. Now it works as it should

The Smartboard was funcitonal for touch. Web page links could be clicked with a finger on the board. However, the orientation icon did not work and board could not be alingned. It needed it. After the fix orientation worked.

In the process, prior to using MS Config to re-enable the Smartboard software, I was able to sometimes get the green light on by using the 'All Programs" Smartboard choices to find my way to the control panel and from there to a button to check the configuration. However, even then I did not the icon in the tray, the floating tools, or the ability to annotate the screen.