Smartboard_miller_f13.docx   (faculty_support/finney)

I moved a Smartboard into Miller 211 (check #).

The serial # is SB580-183715  ( Series 580)  It’s on a label on the bottom of the board.

I discussed the software with Gary Shorner, our primary contact at Lee Hartman and Sons.  He said I should be able to download the appropriate software (Notebook) and install it  using only the serial number from the Smartboard.  It certainly looked to me today like I have a 30 day version of the software.

There are numerous releases of the Notebook software:

Version’s 11.2 and 11.3 require Mac OS 10.8 or 10.7.  11.2 refused to install because we did not have one of those versions.  We have Mac OS 10.6.8.    

Version 11.1 downloaded and installed.   I did not get a chance to test it as a class was starting.

I also downloaded the “Gallery” and the “Lessons Activity Plans”.    We can explore these once we have the Smartboard working.

Gary Shorner
Work – 540-366-3593 (operator)
Cell – 540-363-3145

I called Smartboard tech support (   ) and spoke with Steve on Sept 18.  Incident 2983472.

He sent me a driver which I installed.   It did not seem to help .  I will call back

We have a series 580 board which is no long supported, but he would still try to help.


Monday, September 23, 2013,   re work done on Friday, Sept 22, 2013

Still not working.

I spoke with Steve ant Smart Technologies (1-866-518-6791,  1-403-228-5940) and he suggested:

1)      Test the board and cable to make sure both are working ( I will try this with my Gateway laptop)

2)      Try installing older Software.

I decided it would be best to remove the newer Smartboard software that I had installed on the instructor iMac in Miller 211.   The “Smart” technician sent me a program that he said would clean out the old installation. 


From Googling I found that removing a Mac application is a little trickier than with Windows.   On the one hand there is no registry and usually the main application files are collected in a “package” ( usually a folder I think) that can be deleted. However, there are often other files that need to be deleted.  Hopefully this utility that Smart Tech sent me got everything.

I found the CD to install Smartboard 10 and began the installation.  There were two CDs, one for drivers (marked disk # 1 ) and one for the Notebook application.   Everything went well till it asked me for install ID.   The one I had on the web site, they told me, was for Smart Synck.   However the technician was able to find our install ID and it worked to install  the application it is:


However, even after the successful install the Mac could not see the Smartboard and the red, rather than green, light was showing on the Smartboard.   

I will try re-booting, and will also try using that Smartboard with my Gateway laptop…. And maybe the Mac laptop as well.

Here are some screen captures from this work:



Monday, Oct 14, 2013  Smartboard.. Miller 211

On Friday I spoke with Smart Technologies tech support again.  From that conversation I concluded:

Try re-installing the driver with the current software

If that does not work:

Use the remove tool to remove the current software

From their website, download  version 11 service pack 1 (not same as version 11.1)


Install driver

Try again


Some progress, some confusion:

I used the “delete” software on the instructor Mac in Miller 211 and installed version (I think.. I need to find out how to determine the Notebook version) 11.1 of the Notebook software.

I then ran the driver installation and the Smartboard did work for basic functions.  However the camera capture did not work.   I showed Marc Finney and he seemded pleased for now.

I then installed Notebook 11.1 on the Mac in my lab and it worked fine. 

I upgraded the O/S on that Mac to the latest (O/S 10.9   “Maverick”) .   This was apparently the start of a new Apple policy on free upgrades from Apple.

Emil then assisted me in removing the Smart technology installation on the Mac (he put the entire application folder in the trash) and we installed the most recent version of the Notebook software.   It worked.


I have installed Notebook 11.1 on the Mac next to the instructor Mac in Miller 211 and it works fine, including the screen capture / camera icon.  I plan to do the following with that machine:

1)    See if works with the Smartboard (Green light)

2)    If not (as I suspect), install the driver that Smart Tech sent me and

a.     – see if the board then works

b.     – see if that messes up the screen capture.

Then I want to see if we can get a Smartboard to work with the Mac in my lab which is using the latest Mac O/S and the latest version of Notebook.

1)    See if works with the Smartboard (Green light)

2)    If not (as I suspect), install the driver that Smart Tech sent me and

a.     – see if the board then works

– see if that messes up the screen capture

I was concerned that I did not see the driver software on the instructor Mac in Miller 211.   I then found the email from that gave me a URL for the driver: <>

Sep 18

to me

Hello Henry,

Thank you for contacting SMART Technologies.

As per our discussion on incident 2983472 concerning a SMART Board(R) sb580 interactive whiteboard not getting interactivity, I am following up with a driver that may assist you.

Please install the driver at the following link:

USB-FRU Mac 64-bit cable driver.


Steve MacQueen