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Smartboards in Classrooms:

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Wiley Auditorium

MS 331 ED Lab, Wall Mounted   MS 102    
MS 202 lab, as of 11/2/2010   MS 302    
MS 337 as of 11/2/2010   MS 331 Ed Lab (?Ms 332)    
MS 231 as of 11/2/2010   Miller 119    
Miller 223 to be tested   Wiley 201    
Miller 119 Wall mounted   Wiley 202    

rear projection, Used as projection screen
Smartboard features not working well

  Wiley 218 (?211)    
  2nd Smartboard in McGowan lab - used as Whiteboard   BOV (verify)    

Byars 113

      Byars 121    

Byars 122

      King 113    
      Other ?    

The Smart Notebook software is the main software used with the Smartboards and Sympodiums on the Emory & Henry Campus.

This software permits taking full advantage of the interactive features of both the Smartboard and the Sympodium.

The software may be installed and used on any PC or Macintosh computer, including instructor laptops, office machines, and student computers. See link below for instructions on how to download and install the Smartboard Notebook software.

Please be aware that the entire download & install process may take as long as 30 or 40 minutes. The initial download of 299 MB file may take 10 to 30 minutes depending on the connection speed. Running the downloaded file to install the software can take another 20 to 30 minutes.

The stand-mounted Smartboards use only one cable to connect to a computer. This is a special cable used only for this purpose. One end looks like a standard VGA cable used to connect a projector to a computer. That end connects to the Smartboard. The other end is a USB connector and connects to any USB port on the computer. There is no separate power cord used for the Smartboard. It get's its power through the USB connection. This cable can be used with a laptop computer.

NB: The Notebook software can be used to create presentations and to explore Smartboard features WITHOUT connecting it to a Smartboard. When the Notebook software is used without a Smartboard The mouse is used as if it were a finger, or pen, touching a Smartboard.   If you want to learn how to use this software, I strongly encourage you to put it on a computer you can play with and then explore the software. There are tutorials for Smart Note book online and you can find them with Google.

How to download and instatll the Smartboard Notebook software:

Synchroneyes :[ Note - 8/30/2011 - Careful... we do not have a license for the latest version of "smartsynch" - which is Synchroneyes. We own the license to Smartsynch 2009 - [ SS-AADSA-CAIAI-PTVGH-26BII ].To download the appropriate version go to [ scroll down to "SMART Sync classroom management software" and click on "choose a version" - choose 2009 for Windows", scroll down and click on downloads/ and then on Download for Teacher, or Download for student and follow through ]

                  Short Instructions:

                   Click here for detailed instructions with screen captures

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