How to download and Installl Smartboard Notebook Software                                           (Smart_notebook_install.html)

The Smart Notebook software is the main software used with the Smartboards and Sympodiums on the Emory & Henry Campus. (click for list)

This software permits taking full advantage of the interactive features of both the Smartboard and the Sympodium.

The software may be installed and used on any PC or Macintosh computer, including instructor laptops, office machines, and student computers.

Please be aware that the entire download & install process may take as long as 30 or 40 minutes. The initial download of 299 MB file may take 10 to 30 minutes depending on the connection speed. Running the downloaded file to install the software can take another 20 to 30 minutes.

NB: The Notebook software can be used to create presentations and to explore Smartboard features WITHOUT connecting it to a Smartboard. When the Notebook software is used without a Smartboard The mouse is used as if it were a finger, or pen, touching a Smartboard.   If you want to learn how to use this software, I strongly encourage you to put it on a computer you can play with and then explore the software. There are tutorials for Smart Note book online and you can find them with Google.

The instructions below tell how to download the software from the internet and install it.   In order to install software on a computer the user must be logged in with "Administrator rights". Owners of computers and instructors with computers in their office have "Administrator" rights.

Classroom computers, Podiums and student lab computers:

When a student or instructor logs into a classroom computer they do NOT have administrator rights. If you want to install software, such as the Smart Notebook, on one of these computers you will need to have this done by one of the colleges Information Technology staff, including Harry Baya and Scott Kitts.

[ I will have to verify that software installed on a laptop can be used with a Sympodium. If this can be done it will, in effect, convert the laptop to a computer with a sympodium screen. This means that the Sympodium screen can be used as it would with a podium computer ]

Install Code :

Because Emory & Henry owns a number of Smartboards and Sympodiums we are legally entitled to download and use the Smart Notebook software on any computer used for classes by an instructor or a student.

The installation process requests an "install code". When installed without this code, the software will work for 30 days. Ask Harry Baya for the install code.

Installing the Software:

Once you have the install file (currently a 299 MB file) on your computer [ see next step below ], double click it to run the install process. I found that the default settings are fine to use for this process.

How to get the software:

To get the latest software, use Google with "smartboard notebook download" and then follow through to download the latest version for Windows (or Macintosh). As of 11/3/2010, the following link works for this:

Shown below are some screen captures from downloading and installing the Notebook software:

choose   one
Be sure to note where you save the file   5
    Once the download is complete, double click the downloaded file to start the install process.