How to use the large chart printer in Leslie LLoyd's office: (large_1.html)

April 16, 2009

To use this printer (HP Design Jet) you need to be logged into a computer that has that printer mounted. I believe anyone with administrator rights on a machine on the E&H network can mount that printer...if they know how. Here is a screen from my mounting process:


Eric Gregory showed the process he uses and these notes are based on his instructions. Eric uses MS Word, with a PDF plug-in (he uses "ScanSoft PDF print". I have a MS plug-in that permits creating PDF's from word. (click to get plug-in ).

Step 1: Create the poster in MS Word. Eric said he usually creates it in 1/2 to 1/3 the size he eventually wants to print. Apparently MS Word permits users to resize the page up to 22".

Step 2: "Print" the page to the PDF plugin choice in the print menu. The process will ask you to choose a file name and location for the document this process will create.

Here is the choice I see with my MS Word plug-in:


Eric's PDF choice allowed him to select a size for the document. He chose the same size as he had set for the document in MS word. The size will be increased to the poster size in the next step. My PDF plug-in did not seem to offer a size choice. I hope it defaults to the pre-set document size.

Step 3: Open the document with Adobe PDF Reader, change the size, and print to the poster printer from that application.

I found that once I selected the correct printer, the size choices included large sizes:

I got to these size choices via " Properties/advanced" from the inital Adobe Reader Print dialog box.


However, Eric recommended scrolling down to "PostScript Custom Page Size " and choosing that. This step brought up this screen:


I infer that this gives the user full control over the page size to be printed. We should know what sizes are appropriate for that printer. Eric??

Eric also recommended these settings on the main print page from Adobe Reader:


I have not tested this process. It may not work well with my PDF plug-in. I will add a note when I eventually test it.