Connecting to the ICE Video Conference

Conference Information


ICE Presidents Conference


 Monday, June 21 1:00-2:00

ICE IP Address

Conference ID


Dial String


To participate:

Option 1: ICE will connect to you

1.        Simply turn on your video conferencing system.  ICE will dial your site automatically when the conference begins.

a.       Note: If your school has more than one video conferencing system, you must tell ICE which one you plan to use so that we can connect to the correct system.

Option 2: Dial the ICE conference directly

1.       Turn on your video conferencing system; once the system is up you should be taken to the “Place a call” screen.

2.       Using the remote control, enter the “Dial String” listed above. Be sure to include 2 “pound signs” (##) before the conference ID #.

3.       Press the “Dial” button on the remote or choose “Dial” from the screen.