Outlook E-mail - How to store messages without using your storage quota.

When Outlook is installed on an office machine it is set up to access Emory & Henry e-mail for the owner of that machine. By default all of the undeleted messages are saved on the E&H mail-server in the library. A quota is set for the amount of storage each individual can use. When your e-mail reaches this quota you will recieve an automatic message asking you to delete some messages to free up storage. Outlook provides tools to help you identify the largest, and/or oldest, messages (See below).

Outlook permits you to set up mail folders in your own storage area. For example you could set up a folder on your computer's hard drive. These messages can only be accessed when you are using that machine. The messages stored on the E&H server can be accessed even when you are at home, or on the road, using the Web interface to Outlook.

The folder on you local hard drive is called a "Personal Folder". The instructions below show how to set up a "Personal Folder". Mail stored in a personal folder do not count against your quota.

In Outlook click on file/Data File Management/Data Files. Then click on "add" and select