E&h Shared Outlook Calendars                    Jan 29,2008

On our system any individual can share their personal calendar with others on the network. However, if they wish to have a separate calendar, completely independent from their personal calendar, that is shared among a number of people, they cannot [so far as I know] do this on their own. They need to have some things done by the E&H Network engineers.

They get this done by requsting a "Public Folder" on Outlook. They also request that a blank calendar be created in that folder. Thee also include with the request a list of those people who will be able to access this calendar.

To make these requests, call, or e-mail the Help Desk. They will give this request to the Network Engineers.

There are already quite a few "public folders" on the E&H Outlook system. These make use of something called the "Microsoft Exchange Server" on the E&H Network. To see the existing calndars do steps shown below:

Go into outlook and scroll down the Folder list to look for "Public Folders'

folder list
If you don't see "Public Folders", click on folder icon at the lower right of the folders column and then scroll down the folders list. You should see it now. folder icon
Once you see the "Public Folders" icon, drill down to see the current public folders on the E&H server list