Using "Mail Merge" in Office 2007 for E-mail

Use Office 2007 "Help" for user documentation.
Enter "Mail merge" or "mail merge email" in Search box help
Follow Instructions  
Brief Outline is given below:  
Click on "Mailings" tab and then on "Start Mail Merge" step 1
Click on "e-mail Messages" in drop down menu email
Click on Use Existing List recipients
Find Excel file with column of email addresses (could also use MS Word document) select

Select tabel from spreadsheet (there may only be one choice)

check box for "First row of data conatins column headers"

Click "OK"


Type email message and put cursor in location where a field is to be inserted.

Click"Insert Merge field " and select field to insert. Repeat these two steps as needed.

See example below


Three fields inserted in three steps

Click to Preveiw results. This shows document with values in place of inserted fields. preview

Click on "Finish and Merge" and then "Send E-mail messages" to send email.

The email will be sent from Outlook on the machine where this is done and will use the name of the owner of the Outlook account.

click down arrow to right of "To:" box and select spreadsheet column with e-mail addresses. field

Enter Subject on Message line.

Click OK to send message to all e-mail addresses in selected column.


Wait till process is complete. This may take a couple of minutes. 300 emails took about 4 minutes.

Hourglass cursor shows busy .