ANGEL & MP3 Files

When an instructor uploads an MP3 file to an ANGEL course students in that course can access that file in a number of different ways. What steps need to be done to play the audio file will depend on what browser they are using and how it is configured. These instructions give two approaches, at least one of which should work in any situation. [ see also ]

ANGEL will display a link to an MP3 file something like this :


When a student clicks on this link in ANGEL a window like this one will appear:


If the student does nothing the browser will attempt to play the MP3 file after 5 seconds. This may work and the student will be able to listen to the audio file. However, in many cases this will not work.

If the file does NOT play automatically it should be downloaded to the local hard drive and played from there. Do that with the following steps:

Right Click the blue link in launching link window:


A dialog window similar to the one below will appear (it varies a lot). Choose the option that will save the file to your hard drive.


NOTE: If you click on the wrong link, you will save an HTM file rather than the MP3 file.

After you click on the "Save" choice you should see the name of the file (you want one that ends in .mp3) and you will be able to choose where it will be saved. Note where you save it.

After the file is saved, go to that location and double click that file. If you computer is set up to play MP3 files, it will play.

If this does not work for you, or you have suggestions as to how to improve these instructions, please contact Harry Baya (ext 6809),