Importing Quizzes in Moodle            (quizimport/default.html)

April 14, 2014

There are two possible meanings of "import" in this context:

1) to import a quiz from another Moodle course

2) to import a quiz into a Moodle course from an external file

This web page deals with the 2nd of these.

This is not a detailed step by step documentation. Rather it gives an overview of the process and some links to additonal documentation. If you want to import a quiz from a file, your best source of documentation would come from Googling "Moodle quiz import".

Moodle has a feature called a "Question Bank". Each course can have a Question bank. A qQuestion bank con hold any number of quiz questions. An instructor creating a test can then select quetions from the Question Bank. They sustem also permits setting up a quiz that will select randomly from a set of questions in the Question Bank. This would allow for each student to have a slightly different test. Combined with randomizing the order of the questions this can make it difficult for students who can see each other's quiz papers to cheat.

Moodle allow instructors to import quiz questions from a file so that they are put into the Question bank. Moodle can accept a wide range of formats for the input file (see screen capture below). However, an instructor will have to choose one of these formats and put their quiz questions, and answers, and question scoring, into one of these formats.   Once the questions are in a file in an acceptable format, that file can be imported into the Queston Bank of a specific course.

The instructor will then need to learn how to bring questions from the Question bank into a specific quiz. This should be fairly simple to do.

I suggest that in many cases in which you want to create a Moodle quiz from a source document ( MS Word, Excel, PDF etc.) it is easier to

(a) cut and paste questions and answers from the source document into a Moodle quiz that you create step by step

than it is to

(b) learn the available formats well enough to know which one to use and to then put your questions in to that format.

If you are using a quiz provided by a text book publisher, or from a web site that is used for sharing tests, there is a good chance that the quiz files they offer you will be avaliable in one or more of the formats that Moodle will aceept.

User Documentation: Here are the initial steps in the process of importing an external file containing questions.

Create an empty quiz in your Moodle course  

add 1


add 2

add 3

Edit the quiz and click on "Question Bank" and select "Import"  

import 1


You wll then see these format choices. The file you import will need to be in one of these formats.   formats

You will then need to put your external quiz into one of the above formats and "import" into the "Question Bank" for this course

You will have to figure out what to do from here on. Googling "Moodle add quiz" will provide documentation.    
Here is one of the links I found by Googling
If you pursue this process and learn things that should be included in the web page, please share them with me.