Moodle File Upload Problem - Jan 8, 2013

Users are having problems uploading files to Moodle courses with the new version of Moodle. These appear to be related to the browser being used and the settings in that browser. These browser issues may affect other Moodle functionality. Here is what we know so far:

We started using an updated version of Moodle this semester.   We went from version 1.9 to version 2.3.    Our Moodle host/vendor calls this Joule 2.

General instructions and hints:

Click here for instructions for uploading a file to a dropbox (for students)

Click here for instructions for uploading a file (for instructors)

This version has problems related to browser versions and settings:

Safari :
                  So far no one using the Safari browser has reported any problems.

                  [ Safari download: ]

Internet Explorer:

File upload won't work with Internet Exlporer 7.    Interenet Explorer 7 can (and should) be upgraded to IE 8 on Windows XP machines.

On Vista and Windows 7 machines IE 7 should be upgraded to IE 9.

Both Internet Explorer 8 and 9 do not allow for file uploads if Compatibility View is turned on. Ask the user to go to Internet Explorer's Compatibility View settings under Tools and see if their site is set to have compatibility view on. If it is on, ask them to turn it off. [ note from MoodleRooms - our Tech support ]


File Upload may work with Firefox. However, in one case it worked only when the user dragged the file into the upload box on the screen [ see screen capture below ]. You can easily install the Firefox browser if you do not have it. Go to the URL below and click "Download Now".   Be careful to uncheck any offers to download other software. Call me [ Harry Baya 276-944-6809 ] if you want me to help you with this.                      URL to upload and install Firefox browser ]

For Firefox you need to make sure that JavaScript is enabled. This is located in Firefox's Tools > Options > Content.
[ note from MoodleRooms - our Tech support ]

Google Chrome

One user had problems, another did not. Let me know what you find (Harry)

URL to download Google Chrome:

Screen Capture for Firefox - Dragging file into Upload Box: