How to view Emory & Henry Course Survey Results:

To view a copy of the survey , in MS Word format, click here:



There are several ways to view the results. You may want to explore. Here are two approaches:

Choice 1 : Click on the "Analysis" tab:


This will tell you how many students completed the survey and, by scrolling down, how many students selected each choice. The text comments entered by students in response to questions are reached by scrolling to the end of the survey. You are also given the option of exporting the results to an Excel file. Here is an example from a survey:


Choice # 2 :Click on the "Show Responses" tab

                               tab 2

This will allow you to view, student by student, all of the answers entered by a single student. Here are the steps:

Click on the "Show Responses" link at the bottom of the page;

                                   responses 2

Then click on one of the numbered responses to select it and then click "Show response"

                                            show response

This will bring up a display of all of the responses made by one specific student:

response 3

End of Docuemntation for Viewing Survey Results