Moodle Activities - "Advanced Uploading of Files" vs "Upload a Single File"

These are what are traditionally called "dropboxes".      Here is a brief comment on each:

Upload A single File:

The student may upload a single file.

If the instructor has checked the box to allow resubmitting (see screen capture below), the student may upload a file and then later replace it by uploading another file. Presumeably they can do this over and over. If the box is not checked, the student uploads a single file and that becomes final file in that dropbox for that student.

allow resubmit

Advanced Uploading of Files:

With this drop box the student may upload more than one file. The instructor fills in a box to set the maximum number of files the student can upload.   A second file does not replace the first. All the uploaded files remain uploaded and are visible to the instructor and the student.

The student can select previously uploaded files and delete them.

The student can click a button to indicate that he or she is through uploading files. Until the student clicks this button his or her uploads are marked as "draft" on the screen where the instructor views uploads:



 After the this button is clicked : (a) the draft marking disappears and (b) the student is no longer allowed to upload files to this drop box. Here is a screen capture of the button the student sees.


Some comments on Comparing these two kinds of dropboxes:

If the student is only going upload a single file, I recommend using the "Upload a Single File" drop box. I recommend this for two reasons:

1) Nothing is gained by using the "Advanced Uploading of Files" drop box if the student is only going to upload a single file.

2) The intereface for the "Advanced Uploading of Files" drop box can be confusing. When the student clicks the upload button, it is not clear (or it was not to me anyway) that the file was uploaded. Though the file name appears on the screen, the screen is still displaying the "browse" button, as if the processed as failed.    To add to the confusion there is another button on the screen labeled "Send for Marking" and it was not clear to me what that button would do. See screen capture from an "Advanced Uploading of File" activity below: