Moodle – “Intermediate”  Workshop  -  May 11, 2011       (moodle_intermediate_class_1.docx)


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Review “Introduction to Moodle

·        Uploading a file

·        Adding Students

·        Typing in a page for student view

·        Creating a drop box and accessing material added by students

·        Requesting “Courses”  (groups, clubs, committees etc.)

 “Intermediate” tasks

On-Line Grades

Concepts – Demo with Excel

·        Gradable items (tests, assignments, quizzes, attendance… )

·        Categories – Groups of gradeable items

·        Each category has a final “grade” – a weighted average of the grades of the gradable items in that category

·        The students final grade is a weighted average of the Categories


1.     Create Categories  and assign a “weight” (e.g. 30% ) to each category.  Ideally weights add to 100%

2.     Create gradable items.  Assign each item to a category and assign weight (eg. 5%) to each category to be used within that category.    NOTE: gradable items can be created later in the semester and added to a category

3.     Enter grades for a gradable item