How to "Import" the contents from one course into another course.

A new Moodle course is created for each course in each semester.   The structure and content of these courses will often be nearly identical to that used for the same course (e.g. Biol-101 ) by the instructor in a prior semester. In other cases, and instructor would like to bring into a course some of the content from another course they are teaching or have taught. This page documents how that is done.

NOTE 1: When an instructor is logged into a specific course, he or she is allowed to import from other courses in which that instructor is enrolled as a teacher.In order to import from a course in which the instructor is not a teacher, the instructor will need to first get enrolled as a teacher in that course. This can be done by a teacher in that course, or by the E&H Moodle administrator (Harry Baya).

NOTE 2: This process will bring in the structure of the course (topics etc.) and all of the files uploaded or created by the instructor. It will NOT bring in any information entered by, or related to, individual students in the source course. For example, the forum posts made by students, and the papers uploaded by students in the source course will NOT be imported into the target course.

The documentation below assumes that the instructor will log into one course and then import content from another course.

Steps to Import a course:

.   Log into the "target" course, i.e. the one into which content is to be imported
Scroll down the left side of the home page to find the "Import" link in the "Administration" Panel and click on it.   import link
At this point you can either scroll through "Courses I have taught" as shown at right, or   courses taught
Use the seach box next to "Search Courses" to find one or more courses   select course
From here on you have some choices before clicking "Continue". If you do not change any settings you will import the entire course   continue 1
You will work through a series of screens, each of which has a "Continue" button. Keep clicking "Continue" until the import is complete    
NOTE: If this process fails, your alternative is to download rebuild the course structure in the new course and the download and upload the course files.