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        Note from MR re control of grades in gradebook

         Excel Spreadsheet showing how weighted grades are used to compute course total. Example of he amount displayed in the category grade not being used directly in the final weighted calculation. Rather the value for that category that is used in the weighted calculation for the entire course is treated as the percentage of maxium for that categoyr * 100.   Spreadsheet has additional explanation related to final grades using weighted values for categories.


Weighting grades:

In Moodle gradeable items are grouped into categories and each catgory has a "Category Total". It's best to have the sum of the category totals add up to 100. That means the final grade for the course will be based on 100.

The gradable items in each category also have a maximum grade. If this is 100 then the grades given to each student for that item should be based on 100. If the gradeable item has a maximum grade of 20, the the grade given to the student should be based on 20 (i.e. between 0 and 20 ). No matter maximum grade you assign each separate gradeable item in the category, the category itself will have (should have !) a grade between 0 and the "Category Total" assigned to that category.

Each category can use a method of computing grades:

category method

If you choose "Weighted mean of grades" each gradeable item can be assigned a "Weight"


Gradebook visible vs Hidden to ALL students:

If you do not use the gradebook there will be nothing for the students to see.

However, there is a setting that will make the entire gradebook visible to students or hidden. If it's hidden they will not see any of the grades entered for them. If it's empty, it does not matter.

If you do use the gradebook and don't want the students to see any part of it, in the Administration/settings (panel in left column) there is setting for :

Show gradebook to students:

show gradebook

Hidding vs Showing Grades for a particular gradeable item (hides or shows for ALL students ) :

The grades for each item may be visible to, or hidden from, the students:

There may be several ways to do this. This is the one I found.   

Go into Administration/Grades and then click on "View" / "Grader Report" and the click on the button to "Turn Editing on":

There will be one column for each gradeable item and in there will be one row for each student. At the top of each column is an edit button that is associated with that gradeable item. There is also an edit but next to each to the comment box in each column for each student. Click on the one at the top of the column:

grader report

Clicking on this edit button brings up a column of settings for that gradeable items.

hide grade item

After checking, or unchecking, this box, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save Changes".

save changes


Hiding grades for a particular item for a particular student

In addition to being able to hide a grade for a particular gradeable item from ALL students, an instructor can hide a grade for a specific gradeable item from a specific student, while leaving grades on that item visible to other students.

This is done by clicking a setting associated with that particular grade (i.e. associated a specific student and a specific gradeable item). To get to this setting go to :

Go to
{Course}► Grades / ► View / ► Grader report
Place in Edit Mode.
Select the Edit grade for that student in that assignment.
Uncheck the Hidden box

individual grade



HIding Course Grade from Student: ( Student sees grades for individual items, but not for the full course)

I had thouht there was an "edit" button at the top of the "Course Total" column that would allow hiding or showing the course total. I do not see that button. I do see that I can edit each "course grade" for each student and could hide each one, one by one. (administration/grades/Grader Report - turn edit on ).

                                                         edit course grade

That would work. Given below is another way to do this.

I found that if one or more gradeable items are hidden, there is a setting that will cause the course grade to be hidden. So I added a dummy gradeable item and made it's grade hidden.The result was that when a student looked at their grades they did NOT see a course total:

Screen capture of student's view of grades before adding a "hidden" item:

with grades

Student's view after adding a hiding a gradeable item. (Note: this is for practice.... we would not "hide" a gradeable item with grades in it)

no course grade