Moodle Gradebook Documentation      [ last updated 5/7/2014 ]

The web pages below are intended to assist Emory & Henry instructors in the use of the Moodle Gradebook for their courses. Suggestions for additional related documentation are welcome.

Click the Links below to see related documentation:

An Overview of the Moodle Gradebook [explains Categories and Gradable items ]

An MS Word document with a detailed explanation of the of the Moodle Gradebook.

How to Create/Add Gradebook Categories

How to Create/Add Gradable items
        [ and how to put them in a particular Gradebook Category]

How to Enter grades

Common Problems entering Grades

How to hide or show columns when entering grades ( in View: Grader Report)
                                  AKA: Missing columns in gradebook

How to Export gradebook data to an Excel Spreadsheet

Other Moodle Gradebook related documentation - Hiding grades, weighting grades,...

Gradebook Problem : Grades being "overridden" unexpectedly

Activities vs Resources : activities can be graded. Resources cannot


Note: The web has thousands of pages of Moodle documentation. A little patience and careful searching using Google can often provide answers to almost any question related to using Moodle.

The vendor hosting our Moodle site, Moodle Rooms, also provides a lot of on-line documentation. To search their documentation, go into Moodle and click on the "Joule Clickables" item at the bottom of the page : joule clickable Also, on particular Moodle pages there may be related user documenation available through a link at the bottom of the page: gradebook_joule