Restoring/Uploading/Copying Courses in Moodle              restore_upload - May 16, 2014

There are actually two somehwat different parts to this:

The documentation below deals with all of the above.   A separate web page documents how and instructor can "backup" (i.e. download course content) to a local hard drive, and/or to the storage on a Moodle Rooms computer at their remote site. An instructor can restore/upload to his or her Moodle system any course that they backed up. Click here for documentation on how to backup course content to your local hard drive.

Copying Contents from an existing course to another course:

Moodle courses are stored on the Moodle Rooms system. Any course stored on the system can be accessed by the E&H Moodle room admistrator. Instructors will only be able to see those courses in which they are enrolled.

An instructor who is enrolled as a teacher in one course (e.g. a fall 2014 course) can "import/restore" course coneten from any other course in which they are enfolled as a teacher (e.g a fall 2013 course).   If an instructor want to import content from a course in which they are NOT enrolled as a teacher they would need permission from the teacher of that courses, and they would need to ask the E&H Moodle administrator to enroll them as a teacher in the course fro which they want to copy contents.

Click here for documentation for copying contents between existing courses in which you are a teacher

Importing/restoring course content from backup files:

There are three kinds of backup files:

  1. Those stored on the Moodlerooms system
  2. Those stored on the local hard drive of an instructor. For instructions on how to backup course content to your local hard drive, see
  3. Those stored on external hard-drives belonging to the E&H Moodle administrator. These are the results of periodic backups of all courses done by the E&H Moodle administrator

Our contract with Moodle Rooms has a limit on the amount of storage we can use. For that reason the E&H administrator will periodically delete courses, and the related backup files, from the Moodlerooms system. Prior to doing this, the administrator will download backup files of all the courses to be deleted. These courses can be restored/uploaded from those backup files if they are needed in the future. This backup and delete process needed to reduce storage on the Moodle Rooms server is normally done after the end of each semsester.

An instructor can restore/upload content from backup files they created. When an instructor "backs up" course content into a file, one copy of that file is automatically stored on the Moodlerooms system. The instructor can (and should) also download a copy to his or her local hard drive. Keep in mind that the E&H Moodle administrator will periodically erase many of the backup files on the Moodlerooms server, including those put their by instructors.

If an instructor would like to have a course restored, or some contents uploaded, from a course that was deleted from the Moodle system, they should send a request to the E&H Moodle administrator.

Temoporary Documentation: How to "restore" a course from a backup file

NOTE: If you cannot find the file to import, contact the E&H Moodle administrator for help.