Copying Course Content between two Courses on Moodle (MAY 16, 2014)

For an outline of copying content between courses and how it compares to uploading course content from a backup file, see:

An isntructor can copy contents from any Moodle course in which he or she is enrolled as an instructor (e.g. a Fall 2013 course) into any course in which he or she is enrolled as an teacher (E.G. a Fall 2014 course). If an instructor wants to copy contents from a Moodle course in which they are not enrolled as an instructor they would need to (a) get permission from the instructor to whom the course belongs and (b) ask the E&H Moodle administrator to enroll them as a teacher in that course.

Given below is the process of copying content from one Moodle course to another:

Outline of steps in this procedure:  


  • get into target course, i.e. course into which you want to copy items from another course
  • Click "import" under "Settings" in left hand column
  • Find and select source course (may take some trial and error). Source course must be
    a course in which you are enrolled as a teacher.
  • Follow instructions and review each screen in process
  • Return to target course and check to see that items were imported.
Get into the course into which you want to import content from another course    
Click "Import" under Settings in the right hand column   click_import

You now need to select the course from which to import. This can be tricky.  You need to get that course listed in the displayed table. If you are not enrolled as a teacher in that course, you will be unable to do that.

Even if you are enrolled as a teacher in that course, it may be a challnege to find it.

You will look for the desired source course by entering things into the search box.

The best thing to enter is the "Shortname" of the source course

Click here for instructions for finding he 'shortname"


find 1

find 2

If you don't know the "shortname", try entering the course prefix and number in this format:



if that does not work try entering a word from the full title   word_title
Click to mark the circle next to the course from which you want to import   select_source
Review and follow the next steps.   step 1
Select Content   select content

Review and Confirm


Then click "Perform import"


If all went well you will see a message stating that the import was complete.

Click Continue to return to the target course.

NOTE: Even if you do NOT get this message, the copy may have completed correctly. Check the target course to see if it worked.

  import complete
The Target course should now contain the items you imported   final_w_imports
NOTE:If you import a Source course with more topics than in the target course, the result can be
a little confusing.   Fix this by useing "Edit Settings/
  reset topic num