Teachers: How to "backup" a Moodle course to your local hard-drive, and load it back in at a later date. (May 16, 2014)

Brief summary of steps to backup course content to a file on your local hard-dive.

It can later be "restored" (i.e. uploaded into an existing course or a new course)

  • Log ionto Moodle and go into the course to be backed up
  • Click on Settings in the left hand column
  • Follow the steps and instructions that appear.
    You will click "Contiue" to go from one screen to the next
  • Eventualy a screen appears that will allow you to
    enter/replace the name used to store the backup file.
  • After the Backup Process is apparently complete,
    there is one more important step.
  • The backup process actually stores the backup file
    on the Moodle Rooms server.
  • If you want to have a copy on your hard drive,
    you need to click the Dowload button.
  • Different systems save files in different locations.
    Write down the name of the backup file in case you have to search for it.
Get into your Moodle course  


Click Backup in Settings.   click backup
Here are the steps you will use to backup your course   steps_1
steps 2

Click appropriate boxes in Initial settings

Then click Next Button on right:




In the "Schema Settings" step, select what to backup

Click "next" button



Review Choices, adjust as needed,

click "Perform Backup" button

NOTE: You can change the name used for he backup file.


If all goes well you will recieve confirmation that the course was backed up to a file on your local hard drive.


Click "Continue"

This takes you to screen showing your backup file and offering to "restore" it   final

Click "Download" tab to download backup file to your local hard drive.

Different systems download to different locations. Write down the name of the backup file in case you have to search for it later.

Temoporary Documentation: How to "restore" a course from a backup file  


  • Get into the course into which you want to bring in the the content. Note: The E&H Moodle
    administrator could import this course into a new course rather than one that already exists.
  • Click on "restore" under the "Setting" heading on the right
  • Select the source file for the import. You will have to browse to find the file on your hard drive
  • Follow the steps to import from the file

NOTE: If you cannot find the file to import, contact the E&H Moodle administrator for help.