Moodlerooms - How to use Moodle to keep Attendance records:

Instructors who wish to keep attendance in a Moodle course do so by creating and "Attendance" activity. Only one such activity is permitted per course. To do this, go into the course, turn "Edition On" and select and "Attendance" activity:


This is a rough first cut at documentation. If you need additional help, try Googleing your question.

First create the Attendance activity (one per course) by clicking "Attendance" in the list of activities.

Then can click on that activity, and click on "Add" to set up the dates for which attendance will be tracked. [ see screen capture below]


Further documentation will be added in the future. If you get stuck in the process, I suggest Googling your questions. There are thousands of Moodle support sites on the web and there is a good chance your needs are met somehwere. The trick is to word your search to find what you neeed.

It should be noted that the instructor must identify each student (presumeably all ) in the class for whom attendance is to be kept.