Information about courses ported from ANGEL to Moodle :  last update Oct 20, 2011            [angel_to_moodle_info.html]

Moodlerooms Outline of what is ported (PDF file)

All ANGEL courses were archived.       You can request that the contents of any past ANGEL course be ported to Moodle. Student uploads and quizzes are not ported by this process.


Migration: All fall 2011 courses have been set up in Moodle and instructors can begin working with them at any time. Requested courses have been ported from ANGEL to Moodle.

Note: Once course content is ported over from ANGEL to Moodle, instructors may then import that course into any of their courses. E.g. a Fall 2010 course imported from ANGEL can be imported into a Fall 2011 course.

Instructors will need to go into Moodle and organize the content items into the Moodle course structure.    You may find that some items in ANGEL courses, such as quizzes, are not ported to Moodle.