Introduction to Moodle course              (moodle_intro_august_2011.docx)

Emory & Henry Instructor support page for Moodle :

Instructors  will use actual courses to explore Moodle as instructors. [Click for Workshop Tasks ]

Key Concepts:

·         Three Columns

o   Admin column vs.  “editing on”

o   Center column

o   Right column

·         Course Content:

o   Resources   vs    Activities

·         Files

Primary Goals of this course:

Instructors will learn how to do the following  and will do repeated practice:

·         Finding a course

·         Requesting a course

·         What are “topics”.   What are the two primary course structures and how does the instructor change from one to the other

·         Turning a course “On” or “Off”  (Activate/deactivate,  enable/disable, “Make Available” )

·         Uploading Files for students

·         Moving files (and any activity or resource) between topics

·         Creating a web page / Page for student to view

·         Viewing list of students, enrolling and un-enrolling students

·         Creating  and using “drop box” / assignments

·         Use of Help screens including ? buttons and “Joule Clickables”

·         Email to all or selected students

Other goals :

·         Creating and using discussion forums

·         Creating and using Groups of students within a course

·         Creating and using  the Grade book

·         Creating and using a Glossary

·         Quiz

·         Wikis

·         Chat



·         Link to a file or web site

·         Compose a text file

·         Compose a web page


·         Assignments – upload single  file

·         Forum  

·         Glossary – explore

·         Quiz

Admin Panel:

·         Viewing students

·         Enrolling and dopping students

·         Groups