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Instructors may create any number of “activities” to be graded.   Each such acitivity is a “grade item”.  Comon grade items (activities) are:

·         Assignments/upload a single file

·         Assignments/offline activity

·         Quiz

Grade items may grouped into categories.    Each category can be assigned a “weight”, the “weight” of a category is its “maximum grade” e.g.

         Category          Weight

·         Homework    30%

·         Quizes             40%

·         Final Exam     30%

Grade Items within each Category can be assigned a weight within that category  (again, the “weight” of a grade item is its maximum grade):

Example : Category : Quizzes

·         Grade Item      Weight

·         Quiz  1                   10%

·         Quizzes  2  to 6    10% each

·         Mid-term quiz   40%

In summary,   grade items can be grouped in categories.   Within the category each grade item is  weighted.  Categories are also be weighted.   The students grade of a particular category  is based on a the weighted average of the grade items in that category.   The student’s final grade for the course is based on a  weighted average of the grades for each category.

If an activity/grade item is not assigned to a category, it is treated as a separate category.  The weight (i.e. “maximum grade”) assigned to the grade item is also treated as the weight of that category.

How to use Grades within Moodle:

1.       Log into your Moodle account

2.       Enter the course in which you wish to enter student grades

3.       Click on the “Grades” item in the administration group on the left side of the screen.

Use the outline at the top of this page to create grade categories with the course.

Within the Grades area in Moodle :

Create "Categories and assign weights"



Create gradable items (“Grade items” / "Activities” / )  in the course.  Weight them and assign them to categories.

"Joule Clickable" provides some infomration on using Grades in a course

    entering grades