Extra Credit:   (2nd draft,  3/31/2011 – H. Baya)

Instructors may give "extra credit" with their grades. The extra credit will consist of points added to the computed numeric grade for the student.

This is done by creating an "Activity" (gradable item) in the course and designating it as an "Extra Credit" item by checking the appropriate box associated with that item.     The screen captures below show the basic approach.   However, the facts that (a) gradable items may be allocated into categories and (b) Grades may be computed in a number of different ways (e.g. sum of grades for items vs average grades for items ) makes the process a little more complicated than might be expected.   See section labled "Categories, Computing Methods & Extra Credit" below for related discussion.

A grade item/activity is designated as an “extra Credit” by first going to “Grades” and then to “Categories and Items” (see screen captures below):

Next, click on the edit button associated with the grade item/activity to be used as “Extra Credit”:

Then click the “Extra Credit” box in the set of options that appear:

This item will then be treated as “Extra Credit” within its category.    Clicking on the help button () next to the “Extra Credit” brings up the screen below:


Categories, Computing Methods & Extra Credit

Gradeable items can be grouped in categories. A grade can then be computed for each category based the grades assigned to each gradable item in that category. A grade for the entire course can then computed based on the grades for each of the categories. Gradable items not assigend to a specific category are treated as if they were a separate category containing only one item.

Extra Credit can be added within a category by adding a gradable item and checking the box to indicate that it is an "Extra Credit" item. Extra credit for the entire course can be added by creating a gradable item that is not assigned to any specific category.

Here is the aspect that can be confusing: Moodle permits a number of methods for computing grades, as shown in the box below:

grade method

Gradable items can be designated as "Extra Credit" only if they are in a category that is using one of the methods marked with a red arrow above. If any other method is used, there is no box available to indicate the item is an "Extra Credit" item.