Enrolling Students and Teachers in your course: [ last update 1/9/2014]

Instructors can enroll students in their courses. Instructors can also enroll "Teachers" in their course. Enrolled teachers will have the same rights as the instructor who enrolled them. Instructors can also send email to Harry Baya asking him to enroll a student or teacher.

Unfortunately, instructors cannot un-enroll/remove students from their course. The instructor can complete the steps to un-enroll a student, but the system will re-enroll the student the next time it updates the data, usually within a few minutes. To have a student removed, contact the Moodle administrator, Harry Baya.

Steps to Enroll a Student or Teacher:

Get into the the course where you want to enroll a student or teacher    

Find and click on "Enrolled Users" in the left hand column under "Settings". This may require you to first click on "Users".

Clicking "Enrolled Users" will take you to the next step

Click on "Enroll users" neat the top right corner of the screen to go to the next step.   step 2
Choose whether you are enrolling a student or a teacher.   step 3

Enter the students LAST name in the search box at the bottom of the enroll dialog window.

Click on the "Search" button

  step 4

Find the person you want to enroll an click the "Enrol" button to the right of that name.

This will cause that name to be offset to the right in the list.

  step 5

Click the "Finish enrolling users" at the bottom of the dialog window.

This completes enrolling the student or teacher.

  step 6

Automatic Enrollment:

The Emory & Henry Moodle LMS (Learning Management System) will eventually be integrated with the Datatel system and will automatically reflect the same information now shown in Web advisor.

Until then, the E&H Moodle administrator will periodically get fresh data from the registrar and will update the Moodle courses, instructors and student enrollments. During the first few weeks of the semester this is done in roughly 3 day intervals.