How to create a "Dropbox" for a Moodle course !

   Moodle does not call it a “dropbox”.  You can create a dropbox by adding an activity called “Upload a Single File" or "Advanced uploading of Files". Click here to learn how these two activities differ.

Here is a Youtube video which covers use of dropboxes farily well:

NOTE 1: Moodle does NOT provide a "shared drop box" that will permit any student to view the items uploaded by other students. This can be done by setting up a "Forum" activity. Students can the upload messages and attach files to their messages. Other students can view those files and leave comments.

NOTE: It is difficult to "test" a dropbox without using an actual student account. Try enrolling a "test" student ( student1, Password "Emory") and logging into that account to upload to the dropbox. Then use your instructor account to view that upload.

To add an activity,

  • go into the course and click to "Turn Editing On".
  • Click on "Add an Activity"
  • Click on "Upload a single file" and proceed.

"Joule Clickables" at the bottom of the Moodle screen provides extensive documentation.

Click on this and then enter"assignment" in the search box

  joule click
One of the documentations offered is the one that deals with "dropboxes" / "Upload File Assignment"   upload assign


Also, there is a lot of built in documentation in the Moodlerooms system.   When you are in a course, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Joule Clickable”.   Unfortunately, it does not document a “drop box”.  However, if you have it search for “assignment”, it finds what you want, plus some other things.  The user documentation for “How do I create an upload file assignment”  looks good.        See the screen captures below: