Instructor Documentation & Training - Moodle (last updated 5/15/2014)

Moodle Support: Contact Harry Baya to schedule small group or one-on-one sessions.    [ student help page at]

Most common needs:

How to log in to Moodle

How to make a course available to students (courses are initially created as NOT availalble)

Moodle - How to ENROLL a student (or teacher) into your course. NOTE: Instructors cannot remove a student from a course. Email the E&H Moodle admimistrator to request removing a student from a course.

How to "import" the contents of one course into another (e.g. Copy the contents of Biol-101-1 from the fall of 2012 to Biol-101-2 for the Spring of 2013. )

Second documentation on copying content from one course to another.

Gradebook : introduction and documentation for using Moodle Gradebook

How to import quizzes into a Moodle course from an external file

How to reset a Quiz attempt so that the student can take the Quiz a second time.

Additional On-line Documenation

Activities vs Resources - when added to a course

How to view results of a "Feedback" activity (i.e. a survey )

Restoring/Uploading/Copying Courses in Moodle

How to "backup" a Moodle course to your local hard-drive, [ and load it back in at a later date - ]

Click link below to see documents

          Problems related to browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) and Moodle 2.3 [ January 2013]

          How to log in to Moodle

Training Workshop schedule for Instructors - Introduction to Moodle & Intermediate Moodle

Outline of "Introduction to Moodle for Instructors" Workshop -     PDF of Screen Layout

Outline of "Intermediate Moodle for Instructors" Worshkop

Student support page for E&H students using Moodle

Main Moodle Support Site on World Wide Web ( )

Instructor Tutorials available to E&H Instructors

ANGEL to Moodle ports - Information for instructors

If you would like to explore the use of Moodle as instructor, or begin preparing your Moodle course site for the any session, the following two web pages contain basic introductory information:

Moodle - Enrolling students & Teachers in your course

Introduction to Moodle for ANGEL users at Emory & Henry

Task Documentation:

How to upload a file (MS Word, Powerpoint, video, etc. ) to be available to students ( click here for a video of the steps)

How to make a course available to students (courses are initially created as NOT availalble)

How to get a course roster for your Moodle course ( use the Gradebook to export an Excel spreadsheet )

How to Create a "dropbox" (activity/assignment/upload a single file )

"Upload a Single file " vs "Advanced uploading of files"

How to "import" the contents of one course into another (e.g. Copy the contents of Biol-101-1 from the fall of 2012 to Biol-101-2 for the Spring of 2013.

How to view survey results ( starting with Fall 2012)

How to keep "attendance" in a Moodle course

Introduction to using Moodle to enter and manage student grades

Notes on Grading - includes how to Hide/show all grades and, how to hide grades for specific gradeable items.

How to create and use a Glossary in a Moodle Course

Extra Credit - in Moodle Grading

NOTE: It is possible to set up "groups" in a class and then set up forums, or assignments, that can only be seen by members of a group. Contact Harry Baya
           for additional information.

Brief User Documentation Videos

How to upload a file to a course

How to add or remove a student in your course
    [ Note: if the student you want to add cannot be found, contact Harry Baya ]

How to change course layout from "Weekly" to "Topics"

Training/Review Sessions: If you would like to schedule a one-on-one, or small group, session to learn, or review any aspect of using Moodle with your course, contact Harry Baya

Help and User Documentation:

There are a many on-line sources of help for Moodle users. Some are built in to the Moodle systerm (Joule from Moodle rooms) we are using.

Built into E&H Moodle system:

While working with "Editing on" small blue circles with question marks may be clicked for help related to the area where they are located.

question marks

Additional On-line Documentation:

Note: The web has thousands of pages of Moodle documentation. A little patience and careful searching using Google can often provide answers to almost any question related to using Moodle.

At the bottom of most pagse when you are logged into the E&H Moodle system are links to (a), the home Moodle site and (b) Joule Clickables, User documentation provided by our Moodle host, Moodle rooms.

                                                                                                         joule clickable


Also, on particular Moodle pages there may be related user documenation available through a link at the bottom of the page: gradebook_joule

Other Web based Moodle User Documentation:

The primary web based Moodle user documentation is at this URL:

Also, because there are many Moodle users (over 30 million users, over 10,000 institutions) there is a lot of documentation on the web that can be found with Google or other search engines. Try Googling your question!