Introduction to E&H account "H Drive"              [h_drive_intro.html ]

Your “H:” drive storage space has been created and is now available to you.  Go to “My Computer” to see it listed along with the “C:” drive on your machine.Click here for more technical information on "H:" drive and related issues (mounting, use with Macintosh etc.)

Each network account on the E&H system has a username and a password.   Computers on campus, including those in faculty offices, require users to log into a E&H network account.

The E&H network also makes some storage space, on a network disk drive, available to each account.   This is normally referred to as the account “H drive”.

When you log into your E&H account on any machine on campus, your “H drive” should be automatically mounted.   You can access this drive in the same way you would access other drives such as the machines built-in hard drive (the C:  drive),  a CD (often the “E:” or “F:” drive) or a USB “Flash” drive ( AKA  “jump drive”, “zip drive”).   On Windows machine the shortcut to your list of available drives is to hold down the “windows key” [see below ] and tap the “E” key.  

                         button     +       E

Files stored on your H: drive are automatically backed up by network.   Since the H: drive is available to you when you log into any machine on campus it can be used to make  files on your office machine available elsewhere, such as on a podium machine in a classroom.