How to Move the SMART Board

The SMART Board rests on four feet. Each foot has a roller. Each foot has an extension with two positions. When the extension on each foot is OUT the rollers do not touch the floor and the SMART Board is set to stay in one place. When the the extensions are IN the unit can be easily rolled to a new location.

To use the SMART Board for a presentation it must be aligned with the projector. Each time a user begins using the SMART Board, it should be realigned. Re-aligning takes about 30 seconds. To align the board the user touches the alignment icon on the board and then touches designated spots on the board. The board should be re-aligned whenever it is bumped or whenever it does not respond correctly to a touched location, such as a menu.


Foot extention IN

Foot Extention OUT
Note Silver button. This button must be pressed
in order to push the extention back in


All four feet IN

rev ehc001