Emory & Henry    e-mail Addresses - How to Find from Off Campus !

Most users of the E&H e-mail system access their E&H e-mail from off campus by using the E&H Home Webpage (www.ehc.edu) to conect to their e-mail. The e-mail link on the E&H home Webpage uses the "Outlook Web Access", usually through Internet Explorer.

One fairly reliable way to log in is to type your E&H username preceeded by "ehc\"

When sending e-mail from this interface, users can access the Emory & Henry e-mail address book to find campus e-mail addresses. This web page documents how that is done. The steps are listed in the table below:



Step 1: Click on "New" to start a new message.

Then click on the "To" button. This will open the dialog box shown below.


In the box next to "Display name" type in th name you are searching for. Then click the "Find" button to the right and down about four lines.

Names found will appear below. Click on the one you want and then click the "To" button at the bottom of the dialog box.

This puts the name, with the correct e-mail address, into the address field of the message you are sending.

Click the "Close" button to close the address dialog box.

You can then complete and send your e-mail.









If you want to know what the actual e-mail address is, hold the mouse cursor over the name in the 'To" field and the underlying address will appear.