How transfer iTunes playlists from two computers to same iPhone? I have iTunes libraries on several different computers (Home, Work, Laptops etc. All use the same Apple iTunes account and password. I now find that I cannot create playlists in the different libraries and then copy it to my iPhone. I am fairly sure I used to be able to do this. When I try to set the iPhone to "Manually manage music and videos" on a second machine, I get a message saying "An iPhone can be synched with only one iTunes library at a time. ..."replaces the contents of the this iPhone with contents of the iTunes library". I am afraid to click "Erase and Synch" even thought I have "Manually manage..." checked. Suggestions? Comments?


One suggestion…. Only (a) my home iTunes is about 7 GBs and I am short on space at work and (b) I would, I assume loose whatever I have at work (thought that seems unimportant).  I may try this:


·         if you copy your home itunes folder and paste it in place of the one at work your phone should sync with both. You don't need the music/media etc so you can remove them before you copy it to the work one if you like. Its only the iTunes files in there that matter.

If you want to avoid syncing on the work computer set your home one to manually manage everything first before you do the duplication. In the preferences you can also change each device's syncing preferences and turn off automatic syncing.

In this way i have a work pc with different music from my home pc. I have both iTunes set to manually manage music, I can then drag and drop music as i please from either.


I copied another answer, along the same lines, but more detailed, at the bottom of this memo.


This is very frustruating. 

(a) Why can't I create a playlist on my iPhone using iTunes.  I am sure I have done this in the past. Why has "playlist" been grayed out with the "New" option?

(b) Why can't I drag a playlist from itunes to the iPhone.  I have done this also, but now it does not work.

(c) When I click the box "Synch Music", a box appears saying "Are you sure you want to remove existing music...etc.  and asks me to click "Remove and Synch" or "Cancel"

I DO NOT want to remove existing music.   However, if click "Remove and Synch" it takes me to a list of all playlists in itunes and asks me to check the one I want to synch.   That would be fine IF I knew it would simply put that playlist on my iPhone without deleting others.. but I don't know that.. ane the earlier "Are you sure you want to remove existing music..." message implies I will.  I'm stuck.



Aha..or arggghhh... take your choice. The problem is that I am trying to use my iPhone with more than one computer and I want to "Manually manage music and videos". Apparently that cannot be done. I learned this from a message stating "[your iPhone] synced with another iTunes library. Do you want to erase thie iPhone and sync with this iTunes library. An iPhone can be synched with only one iTunes library at a time...". Nuts! I am sure this was not so a few years ago. – Harry Baya jus


Copy playlists to iPhone from > 1 computer:


·         Sync iPod/iPad/iPhone with two computers

Although it isn't possible to sync an Apple device with two different libraries it is possible to sync with the same logical library from multiple computers. Each library has an internal ID and when iTunes connects to your iPod/iPad/iPhone it compares the local ID with the one the device normally syncs with. If they are the same you can go ahead and sync...

I have my library cloned to a small 1Tb USB drive which I can take between home & work. At either location I use SyncToy 2.1 to update the local copy with the external drive. Mac users should be able to find similar tools. I can open either of the local libraries or the one on the external drive and update the media content of my iPhone. The slight exception is Photos which normally connects to a specific folder on a specific machine, although that can easily be remapped to the current library if you create a "Photos" folder inside the iTunes Media folder so that syncing the iTunes folders keeps this up to date as well. I periodically sweep my library for new files & orphans with iTunes Folder Watch just in case I make changes at one location but then overwrite the library with a newer copy from the other. Again Mac users should be able to find similar tools.

As long as your media is organised within an iTunes Music or Tunes Media folder, in turn held inside the main iTunes folder that has your library files (whether or not you let iTunes keep the media folder organised) each library can access items at the same relative path from the library folder so the library can be at different drives/paths on different machines. This solution ensures I always have adequate backups of my library and I can update my devices whenever I can connect to the same build of iTunes.

When working with an iPhone earlier builds of iTunes would remove any file not physically present in the local library, even if there was an entry for it, making manual management practically redundant on the iPhone. This behaviour has been changed but it will still only permit manual management with a library that has the correct internal ID. If you don't want to sync your library between machines on a regular basis just copy the iTunes Library.itl file from the current "home" machine to any other you want to use, then clean out the library entires and import the local content you have on that box.

Note If you want to switch the device into manual mode do so on your home computer after syncing, rather than when connecting to another machine.