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Macintosh keyboard shortcuts!         (miller macs, admin/std)

How to mount coreshare, ehcfac

How to connect to your H: drive from a Mac. [ tested in September 2012]

[ note: process to connect to any network drive is similar. Id connecting must have previously been assigned the right to access that drive by the E&H Network administrators ]


mackitty - for how to find and remove large files from Mac.These notes relate to using Unix on the Mac. I have stored them as a webpage like this one. However, instead of instruct.ehc.edu/macintosh, it is instruct.ehc.edu/mackitty. Mackitty is not the correct name. You have to ask me, Harry Baya, what to replace that with. I do not think it wise to give these commands out without some vetting as they permit the user to completely mess up a Mac.

How to get the serial number of a Mac laptop, and possibly of any Macintosh computer.

Login and click on the little black apple at the top left of the screen. One of the menu choices is "About this Macintosh". Click on it. A window of information comes up. One line is something like " Version 7.1.9". Double click on that line (e.g. double click on the word "Version"). That line is replaced by the serial number of that Mac. Sort of like an Easter Egg. [6/26/2012]

Free Mac Web page editors:


Screen capture/edit/save

command[apple]/shift/4 - brings up a menu to permit capturing selected parts of the screen
This automatically saves the picture to the desk top. Users can then double click the picture to open it with "preview".

Preview contains an annotation editor (arrows, text, etc.) and the ability to select part, or all, of the picture in the clipboard, from which it can be pasted into Word, or elsewhere. Preview also permits saving the annotated picture.

How to "Kill" a Mac application or process:

right-click (control-click ) the related icon in the task tray at the bottom of the screen and select quit/

[2] Force quit : command[apple] q ( Q)

[3] Use the Mac's "Activity Monitor"

Finder ->applications->utilities -> activity monitor
      Then select “all processes” box at top
       Find the application/program/process - 
             Right click/control-click  - and then click “quit process” at top of screen

[4] Put cursor on app icon and hold down mouse button. - will offer "quit" option.

activity monitor


for Admin information, go to mac rather than macintosh! (Harry)

iTunes : Problems related to copying playlists from two different machines to same iPhone.

Mount Network Drive - have mount persist ! - [ It can't be done without coding of some sort ]

Some Mac "Terminal" (Command line) commands:

40 Useful Mac OS X Shell Script and Terminal Commands

Disabling "Gatekeeper" to permit installing software (needed for Smartboard patch)

Preferences - security & privacy - General Tab - Allow application drivers - chose "anywhere"